Our story

Ayushveda Innovations is an Ayurvedic herbal products manufacturing and marketing company, offering a range of medicines, cosmetics and health supplements. Intense research, use of authentic ingredients, ancient preparation techniques and methodical testing, have resulted in our brands being sought after in India and internationally.

Availability at authentic Ayurvedic stores apart, our entire product range can be purchased at your convenience from www.ayushvedaherbals.com.

As a special service we offer online medical assistance. where a Vaidya (qualified and Medical Council of India registered Ayurvedic doctor) may be consulted. Appointments can be fixed over a call or by email. Our Customer Care Cell is always available for product enquiries, or purchase assistance.

Our R & D teams strive to develop, standardise herbal technologies, upgrade existing formulations, improve and innovate. The ingredients they work on are 100% natural, and sourced from our parent company. We also partner with Ayurvedic doctors. Vedic scholars and herbal healers, to offer Ayurveda’s best to our customers. Ayush means life and Veda means knowledge in Sanskrit – that’s where our name has its roots. Our commitment however, is to offer Ayurvedic medicines, supplements and cosmetics that will help its users live disease-free. longer and fuller lives.

The origins of Ayurveda emanated from the Indian subcontinent over 5.000 years ago. It flourished because of its philosophical context, that addresses health and medicine from a holistic perspective, that propagates a healthy and balanced life. It’s said that ‘a healthy body and a healthy mind lead to a happy life.’ That’s precisely what Ayushveda helps people achieve, viz. the health to the healthy healing to the diseased and happiness to all.

Why choose us

All our products are Ayush-approved and GMP-certified

All products are developed using age-old Ayurvedic principles.

The ingredients we use are entirely natural and collected from the best sources.

Product results are validated and evaluated constantly.

All our products offer effective and long-lasting remedies.

Medicines, cosmetics and supplements from Ayushveda have no side effects


Ayushveda is the sole marketer for an authentic range of Ayurvedic medicines, supplements and cosmetics, formulated by the renowned manufacturer FLORAVIT. The company has decades of experience in creating Ayurvedic compositions for a spectrum of other clients.

Only the purest of natural ingredients drawn from the very best and reliable sources are used in Ayushveda compositions. All researching, sourcing and formulating is done in-house, under the guidance and supervision of Ayurvedic doctors, researchers, herbal healers and Vedic scholars.

The formulations are released only after thorough testing, evaluation and validation, using a stringent process. All Ayushveda products are “Ayush” licensed and certified and manufactured at GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified, or FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) compliant.

The Ayushveda range is classified as: medicines, cosmetics and supplements. All our products produce no side effects, and are crafted to realise the true aim of Ayurveda, viz. to help prevent disease and maintain health.

Feel free, move free

Enjoy the feeling of freedom, that’s the feeling we want to capture when we design our products.

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